Mike Bernard Acadiana Chapter of the  American  Hibiscus Society

Upcoming Events.....

All events have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Please check back for updates as things return

to normal.   Thanks.

Important Info....

2020 Officers & Board

         Ryan Perry, President                               Mary Jones, Vice-President

          rperry123@gmail.com                               maryjones132@gmail.com

          504-352-6091                                            337-212-3907

          Ann Peltier, Secretary                              Buddy Short, Treasurer

          ann@acadianahibiscus.com                     buddy@acadianahibiscus.com

          337-781-4992                                            337-278-0946


         Debbie McGovern, Member Liaison        Carthy Guillet, Member Liaison

         debgasmac@gmail.com                            tcguillet302@aol.com

         337-804-2784                                            337-273-0953

         Cherie Martin, Member Liaison                 Carrol Vice, Member Liaison

         mitchellmartin@aol.com                             rvtllc@yahoo.com

         337-322-0303                                             318-820-4242